ConsuMed Research is ISO Certified

ConsuMed Research is ISO Certified

We are delighted to announce that ConsuMed Research has been certified with the  ISO 9001 Quality Management Standardand ISO 20252 Market Research Business & Quality Standard.   ConsuMed undertook this initiative as part of its on-going Vision commitment to delivering the highest quality research services.

ISO 9001              ISO 20252

So what does this mean for our clients?

  • A high level of confidence that you can rely on our results.
  • A trained Quality Team Manager appointed to ensure standards are consistent and continually improving
  • Proven standards of discipline in our management processes which are the highest in the industry
  •  Increased risk management through assurance that research is carried out in full accordance with relevant legislation
  • Time saving during partnership vetting process and bid process,  cutting down on the number of questions that need to be asked and the number of answers that need to be analyzed
  • Timely and efficient  project management and completion through increased efficiencies in our processes
  • Consistency, reliability and transparency in our entire range of processes from proposal, sampling and project management through to  data delivery and feedback
  • International assurance of standards across borders with compatible procedures. (Countries involved in developing the ISO 20252 standard represent 90% of the global market research industry)

For further information on our certification and how it will help you achieve outstanding research results, contact:

Eric Nalpas