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FocusVision at Schlesinger

View your focus groups and interviews remotely, either in real time or at a time that suits you.

Schlesinger Group facilities partner with FocusVision, offering both Classic and 360 immersive video solutions, together with an advanced video management platform.



FocusVision Immersive View


A breakthrough system that dramatically increases the speed, collaboration and impact of qualitative insights and customer understanding. The 360° camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation, where expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed and evaluated.

The camera signal feeds to a backroom monitor, giving in-person observers a “face to face” view of all respondents. On-site and remote observers can actively collaborate in real time using embedded chat, video markers and file sharing.

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FocusVision Video Insights Dashboard


Advanced Video Management for easy clipping, video top-lines and collaboration.

FV360 qualitative video is directly uploaded to FV Video Insights, the industry’s most-advanced video management application.  Video content can be rapidly transcribed for easy text-based search, video reporting and sharing of learnings with key stakeholders.

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Formerly VideoStreaming, FV Classic Live lets professional researchers and key stakeholders observe and interact with focus groups and IDIs from any location. Whether watching from the back room or remotely, everyone can be a part of the action, in real time.

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Book directly with FocusVision and their team will make all the arrangements with our facility managers.

HD Video Recording

Request our high-definition video recording capabilities across our focus group facilities in the US and UK.  Researchers have the option of recording qualitative studies in high-quality standard-definition or high-definition format.

Enhanced Video Information

High-definition is the new standard in video recordings.  HD combines increased scanning lines with a greater pixel count, producing recordings with a vast superiority in image quality over standard definition recordings.  Enhanced color, sharper images and more clarity in facial expression are immediately noticeable for more compelling video data. Schlesinger’s HD filming is at 1080i, allowing for download time to remain reasonable.

It Couldn't Be Easier


HD at Every US Schlesinger Location

Each Schlesinger location in the US offers high definition recording.  (HD cameras are not in every studio so please request HD in advance to ensure we can book you into a studio with HD capability.)


No Additional Costs For Your HD Recording

At Schlesinger, we believe in investing in quality.  If you select HD recording over SD definition, there will be no additional costs for your high-definition option.


Your Recordings Are Immediately Accessible

Your HD recordings are available immediately after the last qualitative session on a USB drive.  Alternatively or additionally, recordings can be uploaded (upon request) to our ftp site within 24 hours of the final session.


Enhanced HD Video Streaming

FocusVision  provides its high-definition video streaming service through Schlesinger’s in-house HD cameras, allowing for even better picture quality while streaming your qualitative sessions. (FocusVision HD streaming rates apply).

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For clients who may require and can accommodate production quality video, we can provide (with notice) uncompressed raw video files on a 4-terabyte hard drive.

OnDemand Digital Recording

Access your research video recordings online, at your convenience.

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Control audio and video access to recordings for simultaneous or OnDemand viewing by your authorized study colleagues such as transcribers or translators.
Download your focus group and in-depth interview digital recordings straight to your computer or watch them directly on our secure Schlesinger OnDemand host site.

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